Air Tricorder: The Portable Real-time PM 2.5 AQI Monitor

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Air Tricorder - The Portable Real-time PM 2.5 AQI Monitor that has been sold around the world


Why do you need a Portable Real-time PM 2.5 Monitor?

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers air pollution as the greatest environmental risk to human health. Invisible dust particles that arises from pollution, smog, burning, dirt, cooking or even lighting incense sticks can be harmful to one’s health if exposed over a long period of time. Research shows that children, senior citizens, pregnant moms and those with heart and lung conditions can be severely affected by these unseen dust particles.

A healthy AQI level is an average of less than 50. If it exceeds that, protection options should be taken into consideration such as wearing N95 masks when outdoors or investing in a good air purification unit for your home.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can know what is the dust reading in your home or wherever you are in today’s world of rising air pollution?

Air Tricorder is a portable AQI sensor that analyzes airborne PM2.5 size dust particles and lets you check the local quality of the air wherever you are in real-time.  

Product Features:

- Measures Dust Particles PM 2.5, PM 1.0, and PM 10

- Real time readings of AQI in any location

-Accurate laser-based particle counter sensor that comes pre-calibrated from the factory

- Easy to understand air quality reading which helps indicate different levels of health for example Good > Moderate > Unhealthy

- Palm size suitable for hand-held and easy to read 2.4” screen

- Easy to use, plug and play from any USB power source. 

Does the Air Tricorder Work?

For an independent review of our sensors in the wild you can take a look at Richard Barrow's blog where he takes our sensors all over Thailand.


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Who are we?

Air Tricorder is founded by Makerspace Thailand.