Air Tricorder 2 - The Ultra Portable, Personal PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor

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Introducing the new Air Tricorder 2 - The Ultra Portable, Personal PM2.5 Air Quality Monitor

Air Tricorder 2 Now Available for 2,000THB

The Air Tricorder 2 is our follow-up to the widely popular Air Tricorder.  We kept everything people loved about our original, an easy to understand interface along with a fast, responsive, and accurate Air Quality sensor, and made it even better. 

Ultra Portability

First we added an internal battery so no more need to plug it into a powerbank on the go.  You can enjoy using the Air Tricorder 2 for several hours of continual use on a single charge, and when it runs out of juice just plug it in through the USB-C port on the side to charge it up. 

Next, we have shrunk down all the electronics by over 50% in thickness, so now the Air Tricorder 2 is about the size of a deck of cards; it will easily fit into your pocket so you can easily take it with you on the go.

Easy to understand AQI Monitoring

What sets Air Tricorder apart from many devices  on the market is our instantaneous AQI score, based on the US EPA AQI scale.  The Air Tricorder samples the air every 0.5 seconds and then calculates out the AQI severity based on US standards.  Many devices only display a raw PM2.5 concentration value and leave it up to you to figure out if it's good or bad.  Or some products use the Chinese AQI scale, which we have found to be more lenient when it comes to reporting bad air quality. 

To ensure that our devices are accurate we use quality laser based particle sensors that can detect PM2.5 Pm10 and PM1.0 particulates in the air.  The sensors come calibrated from the factory and have been tested by US EPA for accuracy in field trials.  Many of the cheaper AQI monitors on the market use infrared sensors which we have found to be woefully inaccurate.

We have increased the size of the screen by 30% over the original Air Tricorder so that it's even easier to see than ever before.

Along with these big improvements we have packaged everything inside of a sleek case, and to stay environmentally conscious we injected molded our power buttons out of drinking water bottle caps.

Pricing & Availability

Air Tricorder 2 will be available starting today for the price of 2,000THB (approx $60 depending on exchange rate of the day).  Immediately Available while supplies last.  If we run out of stock, go ahead and purchase and we will fulfill your order as we produce them :)


Just like with the original Air Tricorder, Air Tricorder 2 is backed by a One Year Warranty which covers all the electronics inside and any possible manufacturing defects.  We are a small manufacturer but we stand by the quality of our products.  If something goes wrong send it back to us and we will either fix it or replace the unit for you completely.* 

*Things we don't cover is if you do things like accidentally drop them or decide to go swimming with them and other gross abuse of the device.